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  Динамический расчет. Нелинейный анализ. Расчет конструкций.
About us We work in close contact with our customers and discuss all questions arising in the process of calculations in order to find faster and better decision.

Our customers can deliver initial information for calculations in a wide range of formats: Parasolid, CATIA-models, expression files, IGES, STEP,DXF/DWG, as paper drawings, by fax or in any other way comfortable for the customer.

In the course of calculation, the customer gains an access to all information of interest and the procedures used, approves the course of calculation (approval of conformity of developed finite element grid of initial geometry, conformity of load modes, boundary conditions, etc.).

The records of calculation results can be also provided in any way comfortable for the customer: as a report containing statement of problem, information relating to the course of calculation, description of results, recommendations and conclusions from the work done, illustrated by necessary examples. Upon request of the customer, calculation models are delivered in the formats of input files for calculation programs (Nasrtan (Bulk Data Files), Ansys (ANSys input,PRP-file, и др.), Cosmos (GFM-file), ABAQUS (INP-file), etc).

Thus, Hexa Company focuses on the customer's needs and delivers flexible solutions in the field of complex engineering calculation based on detailed understanding of the problem researched, close contract with the customer, professionalism and competence of our employees.  

For maintenance and continual development of competitiveness, Hexa Company gives consideration to reviewing its own calculation procedures and regularly performs comparative analysis of the methods used.

Work is underway on the licensed software LS-DYNA, ABAQUS

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