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Analysis of wagon vibrations when travelling along the uneven rail track. Strength and endurance analysis for side frame of wago

Problem statement:

Wagon vibrations during travelling were analyzed. During the wagon travelling along the actual rail track the wheel pairs are subject to constant dynamic loading due to rail irregularities. The project considers the periodicity of irregularities location along the whole track. Physically it comes down to time periodicity of effect on wheel pairs.

Horizontal rail irregularities were set as sinusoid with amplitude from 1mm to 30mm and distance between peaks (wave lengths) from 3m to 40m. The dynamic model took notice of damping.

A number of analyses were conducted and irregularities parameters variation effect on wagon dynamic behavior was analyzed for various wagon speeds.

Every analysis resulted in structure displacement, wheel-rail interaction reaction, force factors in elastic members.

The critical speed values were defined by which the amplitude of structure lateral movements (swinging) achieves the maximum value for certain irregularity parameters. The maximum lateral swinging at speed up to 30 km/hr was achieved with irregularity wave length equal to one fourth (2.16 m), half (4.33 m) and base (8.65m) of the wagon correspondingly.

Maximum vertical force in suspension from irregularity wave length with critical wagon velocity
Irregularity amplitude 30 mm

Reaction forces in elastic members. Wagon velocity: 28 km/hr. Wave length: 9 m. Irregularity amplitude 30 mm
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