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Technological Line for Rounding off Sharp Edges of the I-beam and Flat Sheet

Technological line for rounding off sharp edges of the I-beam and flat sheet

Purpose of the Line for Rounding Off Sharp Edges

The service life of steel structures depends directly on the quality of the anti-corrosion coating. On sharp edges, the thickness of the coating decreases to zero. This defect imperceptible at the beginning of operation turns into huge financial costs after a few years for fighting rust, restoring the coating and repairing the structure. Therefore, more and more customers today demand from a metal structures manufacturer to carefully round the edges before applying the coating in order to avoid costly maintenance in the future.

A smooth rounded edge, unlike manual processing, ensures uniform thickness of the anti-corrosion coating and reduces maintenance and repair costs.

Corrosion of sharp-edged metal beams Rounded Beam

Features of the Technological Line for the Rounding of Sharp Edges Manufactured by Hexa LLC
  • High performance – more than half a kilometer length of edge per hour;
  • Reliability and durability of the line – our lines operate in three shifts for more than 6 years;
  • Wear-resistant tool is durable and reliable;
  • All stages are controlled from one console, by one operator in automatic or manual mode.

Functionality of the Technological Line for Rounding Sharp Edges
  • Accuracy – perfect in shape, smooth and hardened rounding surface;
  • Environmental friendliness – when processing there is no abrasive, dust and shavings;
  • Universality – the machine automatically adjusts to any width and thickness of the sheet or I-beam;
  • Manufacturability – automatic cleaning of blanks from grata before processing, leveling the edges of the plates, shelves I-beam and sickle-shaped, a wide range of processed products.

Hardening the Edge of Metal Structures

A feature of the rounding process is a twofold increase in the hardness of the outer layers of the workpiece and the roll-in of micro-cracks, which significantly increases the resource characteristics of the metalwork during bending.

Metallographic analysis of the rounded workpiece microstructure

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The micro-hardness on the surface in the radius area is two times higher than the hardness of the core. The thickness of the hardened layer, with increased hardness, is (2.5 - 3.0) mm.

Types of Technological Lines for Rounding Sharp Edges
Name Load-carrying capacity Maximum workpiece width Rounding radius
OKD - 500 5 tons 500 mm 2-3 mm
OKD - 800 5 tons 800 mm 2-3 mm
OKD - 1200 12 tons 1200 mm 2-5 mm
Auxiliary equipment:
  • Built-in tilter of the I-beams on the receiving conveyor;
  • Cross conveyor for automatic loading or unloading.

Cost-Effective Use of the Technological Line for Rounding Sharp Edges in Comparison With Manual Processing
Manual processing by angle grinders Automatic manufacturing
According to the standards, the worker can process 100 tons of the I-beam in 4.3 months using a grinder Processing 100 tons of the I-beam on the OKD line is produced in 4 hours, respectively, 150 times faster
Normal payback of the line is from 6 to 8 months under normal load production

Our lines work effectively at foreign enterprises in Singapore, the Netherlands, Poland, the United Arab Emirates, as well as in Russia at the plants of CJSC Kurganstalmost, CJSC Voronezhstalmost, Chelyabinsk Metal Structures Plant.

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