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Weight optimization of welded reduction gear casing

Initial model of reduction gear casing Optimized model of reduction gear casing

Nonlinear static analysis was performed for two load variants:

  • Clockwise input rotation
  • Counterclockwise input rotation

The calculations were performed to determine:

  • values of displacement, misalignment and rotation of bearing axes
  • stresses in gear casing elements

Additional calculations were performed:

  • calculation of natural frequency of the structure
  • strength calculation for the structure in its entirety and for separate elements
  • strength calculation under construction load

Stress distribution in the initial reduction gear casing Stress distribution in the optimized reduction gear casing

As a result of this study, a weight optimized model of reduction gear casing was developed. Casing weight optimization was 17% (1,152 kg). The drawings including the recommendations of change to the current structure were prepared.

Hexa Company to order of Electrostal Heavy Engineering Plant JSC, 2008

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