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Structural optimization and search for optimal parameters of standby bearing

A physical prototype of the problem under consideration is the shaft rotating on the magnetic suspension inside of some critical device with raised safety requirements for the consequences of contingency during the operation of this device.

This long large-tonnage shaft rotating at a frequency of several thousand rpm is to be reliably held by standby bearings as long as necessary in the event of magnetic suspension breakdown caused by accident or earthquake load.

The initial radial clearance between a rotating shaft and contact surfaces of the standby bearing is 0.2 mm. The radial motion of these contact surfaces cannot be more than 0.2 mm, whereas the diameter of a bearing journal is several hundred millimeters.

The structural problem is that during interactions of the rotating shaft and the contact surfaces standby bearing kinetic energy of rotation is transformed into translational kinetic energy of the shaft and if damping in the bearing is insufficient, huge forces break the standby bearing. Damping in the bearing occurs due to dry friction in a scanty (several tenths of millimeter) radial motion of internal parts of the standby bearing. In addition, both a lack and an excess of friction force results in avalanche-like growth of contact forces.

In the process of work, several design diagrams of this standby bearing were analyzed. An optimization calculation was performed in which the structural parameters ensuring both operability of the structure and minimal forces of contact interaction of the rotor and the standby bearing were determined for each problem considered.

Hexa Company to order of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Experimental Design Bureau for Machine- Building (OKBM) named after I.I. Afrikantov”, 2006

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