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Calculation of load-bearing structures of roofing of the main building of VNUKOVO-1 air terminal complex

Two patterns of connection of rods in assemblies are considered in this work: simplified (without working-out of the design of assemblies) and elaborated (3D assembly models are presented in form of flat elements).

Conducted is comparative analysis of the calculation data obtained with use of the design model wherein the specified connection patterns are realized.

For the most loaded assemblies selected, models with detailed elaboration of all elements were created.

The most loaded assemblies of upper and lower bands are defined. For assemblies selected, design-operational models with thorough detailing were created and integrated into the calculation model.

Detailing of the calculation model of assemblies allows specifying distribution of stresses in elements and values of maximum stresses, which is necessary for design elaboration of assemblies as bearing capacity of the assemblies is not provided.
Design-operational model of lower band with thorough detailing.

Mises’s distribution of equivalent stresses [MPa] in the model of lower band with thorough detailing. Load: “weight + snow”.
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