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Calculation for seismic load on Ermak Ice Arena in Angarsk

Angarsk is situated in the region of high seismic activity. Therefore, the calculations included seismic analysis of the construction.

The dynamic analysis of ice arena structure for seismic load was performed. The analysis was carried out with account taken of geometric and physical nonlinearity.

Seismic load.

Intensity of seismic load for Angarsk is 8 points for average soil conditions of II category. The load was defined by dynamic excitation of base in horizontal and vertical directions. According to the Building Code (SNiP) for construction sites of 8-point seismicity, maximum acceleration amplitudes must be not less than 2 m/sec². Standard instrumentation recording of base acceleration in 8-point earthquake was used as the accelerogram in the calculations.

Horizontal (Haccel) and vertical base acceleration curves(Vaccel)

Results of calculations for seismic load.

The dynamic analysis of the structure was performed under seismic load.
Prior to the application of seismic load, the structure is loaded with weight load and superimposed payload during 0.5 sec. After that, the action of varying accelerations on the base is simulated during 8.83 sec. Horizontal excitation and vertical excitation is specified simultaneously.
The stressedly-deformed state of the structure is determined with account taken of physical (nonlinear behavior of concrete and metal) and geometric nonlinearities.

Deformed state at 3,5 sec time point from the beginning of seismic load

Diagram of displacement for characteristic points of the structure

As a result of calculation, values of maximum stresses generated in the structure under seismic load were determined and tabulated.

Hexa Company to order of Siberian Research and Design Institute “Orgstroyproject” OJSC, 2006.

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