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Aerodynamic calculation of covered skating stadium in Kolomna

During the use of a skating stadium in Kolomna, a visual inspection showed local damage of protective coating laid on a steel membrane shell. According to information provided as photographs and verbal descriptions, “swellings” of protective film were initially noticed in the places that approximately correspond to the location of steel fish plates reinforcing a membrane shell.

Swelling of protective film on stadium roof

After removal of film, it was found that foam plastic plates of the upper heat insulation layer connected with the lower layer of foam plastic plates with dowels tore off.

Removal of film showed damage to foam plastic coating

Mode of attachment failure: dowels are torn off from the plates of the lower layer together with foam plastic pieces remaining on their thread.

Purpose of work.

To restore protective coating integrity and avoid any further damage, there is a need to determine the causes of such damage, to analyze the mechanism and perform quantitative assessment of existing factors.

Skating stadium. Satellite photograph

Aerodynamic calculation

Airflows in short axis wind direction Airflows in wind direction under 45є

Calculation data shows that in the areas shown in the figure with airflow in above mentioned directions to coating surface, i.e. to the surface of protective film, there is a significant tearing pressure (from 15 to 40 kg/mІ).

Areas of high negative pressure

Hexa Company to order of the State Unitary Enterprise of the Moscow Region, Mosoblstroyproject Design Institute, 2007.

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