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Designing of tunnel lining ring for underground line section in Nizhny Novgorod

Underground tunnel lining in Nizhny Novgorod was designed. For specified geometric parameters of reinforced concrete blocks, the design of radial joints and circular joints was developed and the structure of reinforced framing was determined.

Ready-assembled tunnel rings Ready-assembled blocks

The diameter of underground tunnel is 5.3 meters. Each tunnel ring consists of eight segment blocks tightened with each other with bent bolts. Contact interaction of the blocks trough polyethylene pads is modeled.

  1. Calculations of bearing capacity of tunnel lining with different values of vertical-horizontal pressure relation in the ground.
  2. An optimal variant of segment block reinforcement was selected.
  3. Leak test of joints between lining rings showed that the selected type of sealing is appropriate for use in this lining.
  4. An optimal variant of lining block joining was selected. Calculations of bearing capacity of lining blocks were performed with application of jack load.
  5. Calculation of bearing capacity of tunnel lining for superimposed load of a rolling stock was performed.
  6. Warehousing arrangement for segment blocks was selected.
  7. Working documentation, including working drawings, was prepared for both segment blocks and reinforced framing.

For each design solution, a full complex of calculations of tense-deformed state of the structure was performed with the use of two-dimensional and three-dimensional models. Nonlinearity of mechanical properties of structural materials (steel, concrete, etc.) and ground was taken into consideration in the calculations. According to the results of calculations, the most effective method was selected.

Underground tunnel in construction

Hexa Company to order of Moskovsky Metrostroy OJSC, 2008.

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