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Arkhitekturnaya Masterskaya Dmitry Pshenichnikov and Partners

  • Sheremetyevo-3 Airport. Development of materials for scientific and technical support in design of bearing metal structures of tents.
  • Major arch and structure of footbridge of SHEREMETYEVO-3 terminal. Checking calculation, structural element strength calculation.


Company CJSC Tverskaya

  • Checking calculations of tent cover of Bicycle MotoCross velodrome located at: Podlipetskaya sloboda, Dmitrov, Moscow Region.
  • Recommendations for enhancement of major structural component

Mirax-City CJSC

MOSPROJECT-2 named after M.V. Posokhin

  • Aerodynamic calculation of Central Manezh cooling stack, Moscow.
  • Determination of additional resistance caused by change to the structure of air grid
  • Structural solutions for reduction of resistance in air chamber.

Moskovsky Metrostroy OJSC


Mosoblstroyproject Design Institute

  • Cover structure  of skating stadium in Kolomna, Moscow Region. Checking calculation,
  • Correction of design solution of cable stay tension on the surface of the cover,
  • Aerodynamic calculation of cover structure of skating stadium in Kolomna and determination of tearing forces acting on heat insulation,
  • Determination of causes of damage to heat insulation on the surface of the cover,
  • Cover structure of volleyball center in Odintsovo, Moscow Region. Checking calculation,
  • Analysis of spatial behavior of structural components with the issue of recommendations for enhancement of structural solutions.

Vnukovo Airport OJSC

  • Checking calculation and preparation of documentation according to the calculation of bearing structures in the cover of new Vnukovo-1 terminal
  • Calculations confirming spatial stability of the system in its entirety under different combinations of loads and actions and the analysis of natural frequencies that characterize dynamic behavior of the structure.
  • Checking calculations of bearing structures in the cover of Vnukovo-1 terminal with assessment of reliability of suggested structural solutions.

Central Scientific Research Institute for Building Structures

  • Structure of the central dome of a new Sheremetyevo-3 terminal. Checking calculation, elaboration of a structural scheme.
  • Major arch and structure of footbridge of SHEREMETYEVO-3 terminal. Checking calculation, structural element strength calculation.
  • Determination of effective geometric characteristics of thin sheet sections. Participation in the preparation of regulatory documentation. Analysis of structural solution.
  • Determination of bearing capacity of corrugated sections, with account taken of remaining plastic areas after corrugation

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