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  Динамический расчет. Нелинейный анализ. Расчет конструкций.


LLC Hexa offers aerodynamic and hydrodynamic calculations for objects and structures

  • External flow of structure or project with the aim to determine the forces acting on this structure or object from fluid or gas. Transfer of received values to the software for strength calculation.
  • Behavior analysis of fluid or gas as a result of interaction with the object. Effects of cavitation, flutter, etc.
  • Simulation of fluid or gas flow in close circuit loop lines. Pressure difference, calculation of pipeline capacity, transfer of solid particles, pipeline wear. Example >>
  • Calculation of ventilation in rooms and passenger compartments. Example >>
  • Simulation of heat transfer by heat conduction, convection and radiation. Heat interaction of objects. Energy transfer between fluid and solid body. Example >>
  • Simulation of multiphase medium behavior. Mixing of fluids, behavior of fluid in air medium, vessel filling. Example >>
  • Simulation of fast-revolving objects. Calculations of ventilator and turbine effectiveness.
  • Supersonic motion of objects in air. Modeling of airplane wings and rocket airframes.
  • Optimization of structures and objects with the aim to achieve the required characteristics of flow.

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