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LLC Hexa offers calculations of buildings, constructions and their foundations at the design stage.

  • Development of solid geometrical and finite element models of the object under study (Example >>);
  • Calculation of bearing capacity of substructures(Example >>);
  • Calculation of loads according to the Building Code (SNiP) and aerodynamic calculation of atmospheric loads on buildings and constructions (Example >>);
  • Analysis of real variants of simultaneous action of various loads for the stage of operation of the structure under study. Establishment of unfavorable combinations of different loads in accordance with SNiP.(Example >>);
  • Design calculation according to limiting states of the first and the second groups with account taken of unfavorable combinations of loads or forces equal to such (Example >>);
  • Structural strength and stability analysis(Example >>);
  • Preparation of the illustrated report to be submitted for expert examination.

We offer calculations for progressive collapse in accordance with recommendations of high-rise building protection against progressive collapse issued by the Committee for Architecture and City Planning of the Government of Moscow (MOSCOMARCHITECTURE).

  • Calculations of buildings for permanent and long-term superimposed load (Example >>);
  • Analysis of results, determination of the most dangerous emergency cases (Example >>);
  • Calculations of buildings exposed to local hypothetic destructions unstipulated by the conditions of normal building use (fires, explosions, vehicle impacts, unauthorized rearrangement, etc.) (Example >>);
  • Preparation of the report to be submitted for expert examination.
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