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LLC “Hexa” offers services in designing of different building structures, preparation of design documentation and calculation support.

Such work includes:

  • Elaboration of a structural scheme with account taken of loads according to the Building Code (SNiP);
  • Development and study of virtual models of structures and their joints;
  • Experiment planning and check of received experimental data for completeness, identification of calculation model and experiment;
  • Necessary calculations. Analysis of linear and nonlinear statics, stability, calculation of critical frequencies and vibrations, analysis of frequency characteristics under random loads, seismic analysis;
  • Optimization of joints and elements, reinforced frames of the structures, selection of structural materials;
  • Preparation of an illustrated report according to design calculations;
  • Development of designing documentation package (design, basic design and detail design stages);

Entrusting the optimization of parts and mechanisms of your products to us, you:

  • Save material;
  • Improve the performance of your product;
  • Make your product more competitive.

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