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About us Company History:
The Company was created in 1997 as an organization with an ability to solve the most comprehensive technical problems. For a long time we have cooperated with German calculation companies gaining experience from them and improving our calculation base. As the Company has always employed only the graduates of the Moscow State Technical University named after Bauman, the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and the Moscow Aviation Institute, we easily learned the most advanced calculation software and achieved the world level of calculations meeting in their quality the requirements of our German customers. The years rolled by and we began to use new finite element programs, the Company employed new specialists, we established our branches in other cities and many new customers began to entrust us with their calculations. What remains unchanged is an excellent quality of finite element grids, our desire to learn new calculation procedures and our endeavor to maximize the accuracy of obtained results. In recent years many companies have been created in Russia which see the need to perform a comprehensive analysis of complex building structures with high quality. Contemporary designers are aware that to ensure reliability and durability of constructions it is necessary to use not only generally accepted building regulations and rules but also advanced calculation procedures applied in other areas of science. We studied a range of unique Russian constructions, including the constructions at the stages of design and construction, as well as the destructed structures.

Today we insist on the implementation of the most advanced approaches to solution of problems in construction and offer our services of checking calculations for critical building structures.
The Company’s employees have Candidate and Doctor’s degrees in Engineering and many years' experience in aerospace industry. They are masters of design procedures with the use of up-to-date finite element packages.
Considering the specific character of each enterprise, our Company develops and delivers comprehensive solutions based on state-of-the-art computer technologies and a wide range of interrelated systems. Engineering calculation is the world standard in designing aircrafts, spacecrafts, motor vehicles and other technical equipment.
Below is the list of calculations that we offer in various branches of science and engineering:
  • Analysis of linear and nonlinear statics and dynamics, stability, calculation of critical frequencies and vibrations, analysis of frequency characteristics under random load, spectral analysis, analysis of heat transfer and acoustics, seismic analysis, structural optimization, automatic identification of computer calculation model and experiment, experiment planning and check of received experimental data for completeness.
  •  Analysis, modeling, design and evaluation of results on the basis of state-of-the-art graphical user interface.
  • Development and study of virtual prototypes of machines and mechanisms that realistically simulate behavior of developed product. Replacement of a full-scale test of complex machines and mechanisms by fast, effective and high-precision computer simulation.
  • Complex nonlinear design analysis, simulation of technological processes, failure analysis, electromagnetic analysis, hydrodynamic and acoustic analysis.
  • Analysis of substantially nonlinear fast dynamic processes, progressive fracture.
  • Development of new technologies makes it possible to perform calculations of durability, fatigue and resource, cracking and crack growth simulation, resource and survivability optimization of the structure.
  • Hydro- and gas dynamics: solving problems of fluid and gas flow including the analysis of heat processes, problems of aerodynamics and blow of building structures.
  • Nonparametric (topological) optimization of the structure.
  • Multicriterion stochastic optimization of the project.

We guarantee high quality of work and strict compliance with deadlines.

Work is underway on the licensed software LS-DYNA, ABAQUS

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