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Building The number of building structure failures has sharply increased in recent years all over the world. In construction of unique buildings that are of great importance for prestige of the country, contemporary designers often depart from all possible standards and rules. However, if this problem is dealt with undue diligence, a technical achievement may become a disgrace, while proud for national specialists will turn into distrust.

Thus, to ensure reliability and durability of constructions, it is necessary to use not only generally accepted building regulations and rules known to our grandfathers but also advanced calculation procedures applied in other areas of science. For years in development and design of machines and mechanisms, engineers have applied a full set of strength calculations that make it possible to significantly reduce manufacturing cost of any structure and above all to gain full confidence in its reliability irrespective of its complexity.   

Over 10 years Hexa Company have performed strength calculations of metal structures of different complexity levels, parts and joints in such critical industries as machine building and aviation. The world leaders have entrusted their calculations to us for many years. These are Snecma Moteurs, Faurecia, Pratt&Whitney, Daewoo, Kuka, Mannessmann, Fiat, Bosch, Audi, Siemens, Mercedes-Benz, Ford, Opel, Bertrandt and other companies.

Designing of unique constructions is always connected with a great number of technical problems close in their nature to the problems solved in allied industries such as airspace industry and machine building. These are problems of strength, reliability, aerodynamics and stability. One of the key problems in checking calculations in any industry, including construction, is the selection of an adequate calculation model. The results of these calculations must not heavily depend on further correction of the initial model. These calculations must ensure necessary engineering accuracy. With such calculation models of designed structures it possible to successfully model non-typical service conditions of this or that unique construction.

Checking calculations that we performed for a range of unique constructions made it possible to detect some errors and faults in their design.

Today we insist on the implementation of the most advanced approaches to solution of problems in construction and offer our services of checking calculations for critical building structures.

Work is underway on the licensed software LS-DYNA, ABAQUS

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